The Muqata in Ramallah is Yasser Arafat’s former government headquarters and his current resting place. His grave is a shrine for Palestinians and supporters, and is guarded by neatly uniformed Palestinian soldiers. But these soldiers may soon stand down. The Palestinian Authority officials have said Yasser Arafat’s body will be exhumed and an autopsy will be performed on the late President’s remains to determine his cause of death.

Arafat Could be Unearthed

The late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat made famous the black-and-white checker keffiyeh scarf. Keffiyehs were once weaved in factories across Palestine and became a symbol of the Palestinian cause. But now, most keffiyehs are made in China. Palestinian weavers went out of business, unable to compete with cheap imports. There is one hold out, the Hirbawi Textiles factory in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Palestine’s Last Keffiyeh Maker

The word ‘Israel’ is more likely to prompt images of gun-totting soldiers than denim-clad rock guitarists, but air sirens now seldom ring in Israel’s north and young people have turned shelters once used to protect residents from falling artillery, into jam spaces and recording studios. It’s a twist on the iconic American garage band, as young Israelis pursue stage dreams.

In Israel, From Bomb Shelter to Music Studio

Voters in the French Canadian province of Quebec are going to the polls today to elect a new provincial government. In most Canadian provinces this a relatively typical event where politicians wax on about taxes, social programs and resources, but in since

Quebec’s Quiet Revolution 50 years ago independence is a part of provincial politics..

Sovereigntists Win Canadian Province

This is the first time they cast ballots since the 2006 legislative elections in which Hamas won the majority of the seats.

For many Palestinians today’s municipal vote is long awaited. The polling comes after years of repeated delays in the both national and municipal elections as rival Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, have failed to reach a reconciliation agreement.

Palestinians Vote Despite Hamas Boycott

After ousting Hosni Mubarak last year, the first round of democratic elections left Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi, and Mubarak’s former Prime Minister Ahmed Shawfik in the running for president. One of the areas that suffered most under Mubarak was North Sinai—the lawless area running along the Israeli and Gaza border. 

Lawless Sinai Challenge for Egypt’s Next President

The Palestinian West Bank would not strike most entrepreneurs as friendly territory for investment. Occupied since 1967 and still largely under the control of the Israeli military, business hopefuls face unusual and unpredictable challenges. Yet, Monocle’s Rebecca Collard speaks to Nadim Khoury maker of Taybeh beer about the seemingly unlikely business brewing in the West Bank.

Brewing Under Occupation

One week after the start of a new wave of unrest in Egypt, at least 60 Egyptians have died in clashes across the country and protests continue. Again today in Cairo, thousands took to the streets, marching toward the presidential palace now occupied by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi.

Egyptians March on Palace

Egypt has long had a top-down model of cultural production with most music made by elites and consumed by the working classes, but Egyptian artists and musicians are changing that--among them are a group of DJs that have popularized a new form of Egyptian street music called mahraganat—or festival music.

Egypt’s Music Revolution

Crackdown at Rabaa Square

Egyptian security forces move into two protest camps in Cairo, killing hundreds of anti-military protesters. Using teas gas and live fire security forces clear the squares, leaving hundreds of Egyptians dead.

Israel’s West Bank settlements are a key issue stalling the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. Every year more Israelis move across the green line. Many of the Israelis that have settled in the Palestinian West Bank, say they have no intention to leave the occupied territory.

Inside Israel’s Settlements

Two weeks after a deadly conflict with Israel, Palestinians  celabrate in the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas movement marked its 25th anniversary and the first ever visit by Hamas’ leader Khaled Mashaal to the coastal territory.

Hamas Turns 25

Hamas at 25

For the first time since start of Syria's uprising, rockets hit Beirut, raising fears Lebanon be could pulled in to Syria’s civil war.

The strike came one day after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah confirmed his forces are fighting in Syria.

Rockets Hit Beirut

As the US says it will give small arms to the Syrian opposition rebels and Hezbollah continues to send its men across the border to fight in defense of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, tensions are rising in Lebanon.

Tensions rising in Lebanon

Egypt: Day of Rage

Thousands of anti-military protesters take to the streets of Egypt after a deadly crackdown by security forces left hundreds dead.

Dozens more die in the violence.

Egypt: General Sisi’s Mandate Friday

Egyptian military head General Abdel  Fatah el-Sisi calls for his supporters to take to the streets to show their support of him and his military. Thousands answer his call in Tahrir. On the other side of town protesters supporting ousted the president end in violence.

Buying Palestine

Palestinians in the diaspora can now buy their very own piece of their homeland with the click of a mouse ,thanks to a young Canadian-Palestinian entrepreneur.

Egypt after the crackdown

Hundreds die as security force crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, but Brotherhood supporters remain defiant and many Egyptians say security forces had no choice.

In a ramshackle market made of tarps, wooden slats and cinderblock, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters pick out Kalashnikovs, pistols and even American-made M16s.

In early August, Kurdish forces fighting ISIS withdrew from the Christian villages of Al-Hamdaniya, leaving thousands of civilians scrambling to escape.

Israeli anti-war protests were attacked by angry mobs of other Israelis resulting in injuries and arrests.

Every day, thousands of people stream out of Syria to escape the brutality of the civil war. Many end up in Lebanon, where a flourishing black market has emerged -- buying and selling Syrian bodily organs.

Relations have never been perfect between Arabs and Kurds in northern Iraq. But in many villages, the groups have long lived side by side. Now the presence of the extremist group ISIS is changing that.

Many in the Palestinian West Bank are angry and some have taken to the streets to protest. But these protests are usually quickly shut down by Palestinian's own security forces.

Syria: Thousands of homes razed by regime


Human Rights Watch says the Syrian government has destroyed thousands of homes as what the organization calls collective punishment of those opposed to the regime.

In the last decade, Tel Aviv has been spared from the rockets and sirens that are relatively common for Israelis in the south and the north. It also escaped the worst violence of the second intifada.

Palestinians who stayed — those who weren’t driven out and didn’t flee — eventually became citizens of the Jewish state.

Among the Syrian refugees now making their way to Europe are thousands of young men. That has stoked fears among some people that these young men will bring violence and extremism.

When Nadera Aboud left her home in Nazareth, she took just a small a bag with a few key things.“I had a homework assignment to do so I brought my books,” she says

A 28-year-old Palestinian became famous in Israel for  a selfie next to a racist note left by one of his neighbors in Tel Aviv.

You’re a member of a rebel group and fighting against your government. Your commander tells you, your group has a new recruit. His name is Zako and you’re in charge of showing him the ropes.

It took Jihad Al-Mohammed almost a decade to realize he was living in a synagogue.

Emad Abdullah disappeared in 1984.

In 2003, his family received a note, written with matchsticks and smuggled out of a Syrian prison. He asked for help.

The Mosul Dam in northern Iraq is a risk of collapse. If it bursts, it could send a wave of water down the Tigris River that would wipe out villages.